WearGraphene's graphene-enhanced jacket - a hands-on review

WearGraphene recently launched its Gamma graphene-enhanced winter jacket. I have spent a couple of months with this jacket, including two trips to Europe during the springtime, and here's my review.

First of all, the jacket looks very sleek (in my opinion, of course), the material feels of high quality. It is quite light, and packs very easily. There are many pockets, Velcro bands and drawstrings, which is really useful and helps you to customize this jacket so that it fits perfectly.

The jacket uses graphene in two ways. Graphene is infused into the coat, with an aim to achieve thermo-regulation, which means that the jacket distributes heat evenly across your body. The company says that this enabled them to create a really light jacket that provides excellent protection.

The coat also includes graphene heating elements, in the pockets, and in the back. This is quite nice - you have to connect it to a power bank, and you can control the heating temperature (three settings). I found the pocket warming to be excellent, but the heating element in the back less so - I actually only felt it if the jacket was pressed to my back (for example when sitting in a chair).

WearGraphene Gamma jacket review photo

WearGraphene says that the jacket is completely waterproof and chill resistant. I used it in the rain a few times and it was indeed quite good. However without the heating, the jacket is not enough to stand very low temperatures - I have another coat which is much warmer - but it is also much bulkier. It could be that relative to its size and weight it is indeed warmer than other materials, I cannot be sure.

The jacket is also said to be UV proof, machine washable, durable, non-toxic, hypoallergenic and antimicrobial. I cannot testify to any of these, but I believe this is indeed the case.

To sum things up - I think this is an excellent product, I am very happy with it. The ability to provide protection in such a light and thin jacket, combined with the heating function and the nice looks - and I really like it!

You can find out more, and order the graphene jacket here. You can get a 10% discount if you use the coupon GRAPHENE10.

Posted: May 01,2022 by Ron Mertens
Mike H (not verified)

I ordered a jacket for my wife for Christmas. Not wanting to make a mistake due to the cost of this jacket, I told my wife beforehand where she used a tape measure and we ordered a size based on their guidelines on the website. It was too large and they are refusing to take it back in exchange. They have since ghosted me and do not answer any emails. BEWARE of this company (Wear Graphene) and their shady practices!

Tue, 01/10/2023 - 20:34 Permalink
RRD (not verified)

I bought two, and the electronics on one failed in Oct 2022 and it took 7 months of my persistence to get a replacement that fit. Their distributor's SoCal one-suite office (used for multiple companies) either kept ignoring my emails or sent the wrong size replacement. At one point they wanted me to pay a restock fee and shipping for the failed jacket. It wasn't until I told them that I found they were suspended by the California Franchise Tax Board that I got their attention and a replacement was sent.

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