Will Nokia prototype graphene-based optical sensors in the near future?

Nokia logoNokia, based in Finland and functions as a large multinational corporation, has recently published a job opening that raises the notion that it might move towards the prototyping phase of graphene-based sensors.

Nokia, which is known to be working on the R&D relating to optical sensors and has already patented a graphene-based photo detector in the past, published a job opening seeking "an expert in optoelectronics" that will be respnosible for developing graphene devices  to create the basis for a range of optical sensor products. The ad also stresses the need for capabilities pertaining to fabrication of devices that are capable of volume production.

Though Nokia's intentions remain unclear, it will certainly be a positive and welcome addition to the market if and when these sensors come out. 

Posted: Nov 26,2014 by Roni Peleg