William Blythe to start selling graphene oxide

William Blythe, Uk-based chemicals manufacturer, has announced the addition of graphene oxide to its portfolio of innovative products. According to the company, this step was made possible when the company moved graphene oxide to large lab scale manufacture and reached kilogram capacity production.

William Blythe is currently able to offer graphene oxide as a dispersion in deionised water. The percentage dispersions are agreed upon with customers on an individual basis. WB's current capabilities allow the manufacture of up to 20 kg of powdered graphene oxide equivalent per annum with the intention of increasing to tonnage scale in the next 6 12 months. William Blythe intends to be launch a web shop for this product, planned to go live in August 2016: www.gographeneoxide.com

Posted: Jul 25,2016 by Roni Peleg