XG Sciences sees commercial graphene-enhanced batteries on the market by 2017

I recently had an interesting talk with XG Sciences' Sr. Director of Business Development, Dr. Percy Chinoy. Percy updated on XGS' technology and business. Among several other applications of graphene, XGS has been collaborating with battery developers and their supply chain partners for a few years.

XGS is involved in three battery-related applications: silicon-graphene electrodes, and graphene additives in Li-Ion battery and Lead-acid battery electrodes. As a supplier, XGS has to work with the product schedules of other companies - but XGS is positive that we will see these products being launched in 2017.

XGS is supplying graphene to many companies, and some are already being used in commercial applications, e.g. for enhanced mechanical properties.

Posted: Jul 07,2016 by Ron Mertens