Xiaomi's Mi 10 Ultra smartphone said to sport "the first mass-produced graphene Li-ion battery"

Xiaomi's upcoming smartphone, the high-end Mi 10 Ultra, will reportedly be sporting "the first mass-produced 120W graphene battery".

Xiami's new Mi 10 Ultra phone to wield a graphene battery image

Xiaomi claims the 4,500mAh graphene-based lithium-ion battery packs 1,000 times greater conductivity than traditional carbon black batteries. The brand was also quoted as saying that the battery remained at over 90% capacity after 800 charge and discharge cycles.

As exciting as this may sound, no details were given on the graphene battery tech, and questions remain as to the exact parameters and specific use of graphene in this battery. Hopefully things will be clearer in the near future.

It was also said that Xiaomi implemented three cooling solutions - a graphene-copper sandwich for the chipset, RAM, storage, and modem; additional graphene sheet, combined with a copper cooling chamber with vapor underneath the front panel; and an additional highly-conductive film, sitting right between the optical fingerprint scanner and the OLED, helping to dissolve the heat across the 110 sq.cm display.

The use of graphene-based thermal management systems was also seen in markets like computers and gaming gear and in several of Huawei's smartphones and MatePad Pro 5G tablet.

Posted: Sep 01,2020 by Roni Peleg