Gaming company launches graphene-enhanced SSD

Team Group, memory solutions and accessory provider, has announced the addition of new products to their existing T-FORCE gaming line of products. Among the new products is the T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO M.2 PCI-E solid-state drive, featuring graphene copper foil cooling on the SSD module allowing the SSD to maximize cooling benefits from both natural passive cooling and directed air cooling via fans to deliver excellent heat dissipation.

Graphene-enhanced gaming drive image

According to the company, the T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO M.2 PCI-E SSD is the world’s first super slim SSD on the market built specifically for gaming laptops and high-performance tablet PCs. Utilizing graphene provided by Nitronix and designing combinations of different proportions of graphene and copper foil, the patented graphene copper foil heat spreader was reportedly achieved through stringent multiple verification. It offers excellent thermal cooling effect even in a closed space.

To optimize the heat dissipation performance of T-FORCE CARDEA ZERO, graphene, copper foil and insulation are combined together and the total thickness is only 0.18mm, which is the thinnest M.2 PCIe SSD on the market. Heat can be transferred away immediately so the SSD chips are kept at lower temperatures for optimal performance conditions.

Posted: Oct 01,2017 by Roni Peleg