Xolve's R&D VP explains the company's graphene technology

AZoNano posted an interesting interview with Dr. Allen Clauss, Vice President of R&D for Xolve, regarding the company's use of graphene and other nanomaterials to improve a wide array of polymer composites.

Xolve's technology allows them to to determine optimum solvents to tune a solvent set for a wide range of nanomaterials. Simply put, it means they can put nanoparticles in solution. Using this technology they develop nano particles—graphene nanoplatelets, for instance—that are free of dispersants, oxygen molecules or other molecules attached through functionalization. Allen says they can produce very pure, therefore very active, graphene and other nanomaterials and do so at low cost.

Back in 2010 Xolve raised $2 million, and the company is working to commercialize intellectual property that enables simple room temperature processing of graphene and other nanoparticle composites, solutions and coatings.

Posted: Feb 14,2013 by Ron Mertens