ZEN Graphene Solutions announces collaboration agreement on carbon aerogels with German Aerospace Center

Zen Graphene Solutions recently announced that it has signed a new research collaboration agreement with the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR, the German Aerospace Center) to investigate the use of Albany Pure graphene-based nanomaterials in the fabrication of novel carbon aerogel composites.

The goal of this collaborative research project titled, Development of Innovative Composites based on Carbon Aerogels, is to develop electrode materials for new generation batteries and will build on the collaboration between ZEN, DLR and Dr. Lukas Bichler at the University of British Columbia‐Okanagan Campus (UBC-O) that was previously reported.

ZEN has been involved in the past with the development of graphene-carbon aerogel battery, which reportedly showed signs of encouraging preliminary results.

Additionally, DLR has received federal funding from the Helmholtz Association to create the Helmholtz Innovation Lab, called ZAIT, or the Center for Aerogels in Industry and Technology, which will be working together with industrial partners on the development of aerogels. ZEN supported this application with a letter of intent indicating the Company would continue to collaborate with DLR in developing graphene-based aerogel batteries and other graphene-based products.

Francis Dubé, ZEN CEO commented, We are pleased to move forward with DLR and UBC-O, and continue our collaboration. Initial results were interesting and this research has us excited about the future potential of this technology.

Posted: Oct 16,2020 by Roni Peleg