Zentek to work with EkoMed on graphene-enhanced PPE

Zentek has announced it has signed a definitive supply agreement with EkoMed Global, a globally integrated manufacturer and distributor of personal protective equipment (PPE), according to which Zentek will sell quantities of its proprietary ZenGUARD coating to EkoMed for use on EkoMed’s surgical masks and potentially other PPE in the future. The agreement also stipulates that Zentek will purchase surgical masks manufactured by EkoMed, to be treated with ZenGUARD coating and resold by Zentek.

This agreement solidifies our relationship with an established and highly competitive player in the PPE space and a potential future innovation partner; both key elements of our global ZenGUARD sales strategy, said Greg Fenton, CEO of Zentek. As we seek to gain access to new markets, reliable, high-capacity and high-quality production along with additional sales channels for our patent-pending ZenGUARD technology are crucial. We believe this agreement will establish a solid foundation for Zentek to expand access to ZenGUARD globally. As important, we look forward to working with the EkoMed team to explore incorporating ZenGUARD into other PPE products currently being manufacturing and commercialized by EkoMed.

EkoMed’s focus is on designing and manufacturing a wide of range of single use PPE products for use in hospitals and other higher risk settings. It is headquartered and has manufacturing facilities in Turkey with the capacity to produce over 1.2 billion masks per year. It also has logistics and storage capacity in the U.S. and Canada to better serve its distribution partners and customers.

Our company’s mission is to bring high-quality disposable products to hospitals, the healthcare market and other higher risk environment, said Annette Mitchell, Partner at EkoMed Global Inc. We believe Zentek’s unique ZenGUARD technology will be a valuable tool to help reduce the spread of pathogens in hospitals and other healthcare settings. While our initial focus will be on incorporating ZenGUARD into surgical masks, N95s and KN-95s, we look forward to working with the Zentek team towards potentially incorporating it into our other PPE products as well.

Posted: Apr 13,2022 by Roni Peleg