Zenyatta Ventures announces strategic focus on graphene

Zenyatta Ventures has announced a strategic focus on graphene, which is converted from the Company’s Albany graphite deposit.

Zenyatta states that during 2017, independent labs in Japan, UK, Israel, USA and Canada demonstrated that Zenyatta’s rare form of graphite easily exfoliates to graphene using a variety of simple mechanical methods. It was also stated that the graphene produced by Zenyatta’s partners is a consistent and high-quality nanomaterial, including the most desirable, mono-layer to tri-layer forms. The Company’s graphene also has excellent dispersion properties and therefore is highly suitable for enhancing present day composite materials like rubber and concrete, as confirmed by the University of Sussex and Ben-Gurion University respectively.

Zenyatta will continue to focus on advancing the Albany graphite deposit towards production and will supply consistent, high-quality graphite or graphene to its wholly owned subsidiary ZEN-tech Materials in a vertically integrated structure. The formation of ZEN-tech is a strategic move that will provide a downstream vehicle to market, capture value and advance graphene application development separate from the mineral development Company.

Posted: Jan 30,2018 by Roni Peleg