Zenyatta Ventures' graphite successfully turned into graphene oxide for sensing applications

Zenyatta Ventures has announced that a team of scientists at Lakehead University in Canada has made significant progress in developing sensing applications with the first graphene oxide (GO) produced from the Company’s Albany graphite.

The team has developed a novel one-pot synthesis of fluorine functionalized graphene oxide (F-GO) which can be used in many energy, environmental and electrochemical sensing applications. The produced F-GO has been tested for the simultaneous detection of various toxic metal ions (e.g. mercury, lead, cadmium and copper) and a substantial improvement in the electrochemical sensing performance was achieved in comparison with GO.

The team stated that Zenyatta's material was found to be ideal for the for the production of graphene oxide and subsequent application development. Interestingly, it appears that the distinct particle size and morphology of Albany graphite are important factors in the ease of production of high-quality graphene and GO. These properties are likely the result of the deposit’s unique geological genesis.

Posted: Mar 02,2017 by Roni Peleg