AGM looks into graphene for aeroplanes, ships, vacuum cleaners, wind turbines and more

Bloomberg posted an interesting article on Applied Graphene Materials, the graphene maker that was established in 2010 as a spin-off from Durham University to develop a new CVD-based graphene synthesis method and produce graphene materials. The company's CEO, Jon MabbitT, details some interesting new applications they are trying to develop.

AGM is currently targeting two types of applications. First up are early-adopters, such as Formula 1 teams. But AGM is also looking to enter into long-term products - mainly in the aerospace industry. Graphene can enable stronger and lighter materials, suitable for aircraft. AGM is also working with Dyson (vacuum cleaner developer), Procter & Gamble, lubricants makers and wind-turbine developers. Finally, they are developing an impermeable rustproof coatings for ships.

This seems like a great list of diverse applications. Hopefully we'll hear more about the commercialization of some of these in the near future.

AGM will report their full-year (which ends on July 2014) financial results on November 5. The overall trading performance has been "broadly in line" with the directors' expectations and net cash will be around £8.5 million ($13.8 million) at the year end date. In April the company reported a pre-tax loss was £1.2 million ($2 million USD) for the second half of 2013.

Posted: Oct 03,2014 by Ron Mertens