Alabama Graphite reports various graphene derivatives found in its US property

In March 2015, Alabama Graphite announced that it has found naturally occurring flake graphene at its Coosa Property in Alabama, USA. Now, the company declares that it has found additional types of naturally occurring graphene-based derivatives, namely few-layer graphene (2-5 layers), multi-layer graphene (2-10 layers), and graphite nanoplates (less than 100 nm thick) at the same property.

The materials were obtained using the same cost-effective process as was previously used by the Company to obtain graphene. These types of graphene-based derivatives are valued thanks to their unique electrical, optical, mechanical, and thermal properties. The company claims that The graphene-based derivative materials may hold promise for uses in exciting new applications such as thermal management, structures, coatings, power storage, transparent conductive films, conductive inks, structural electronics and sensors.

Posted: May 14,2015 by Roni Peleg