AMD and First graphene to collaborate on development of graphene inks and coatings

Advanced Material Development (AMD) and First Graphene have agreed to collaborate on the ongoing development of AMD’s conductive inks and other graphene enabled coatings.

Under a binding memorandum of understanding (MoU), AMD will provide expertise in the design and development of functional nanomaterials and hierarchical assembly of material systems, while First Graphene delivers capabilities in the development, manufacture and supply of its graphene nanoplatelets, branded PureGraph.

The Companies have agreed an intention to sign a master supply agreement (MSA) and agree on licensing within the coming months.

AMD has already developed a number of unique solutions based on its nanomaterial technology, including sustainable RFID and flexible/stretchable sensors using conductive inks.

These nano-particulate inks can be securely bonded to various substrates, allowing them to stretch and bend whilst maintaining mechanical and electrical robustness in harsh environments.

AMD, which owns technology spun out of Surrey and Sussex universities and the University of Texas at Austin, is creating a range of applications in conductive inks and coatings such as graphene-based, ultra-lightweight coatings targeted to attenuation of EMI shielding and radar mitigation.

AMD chief executive John Lee said: This is a milestone development for AMD and we are delighted to be partnering with First Graphene. AMD has continued to focus on developing application solutions for a growing global base of partners and as we approach deployment in key areas, the need to access a strong, consistent, scalable supply chain is essential. In First Graphene, we have found the perfect partner and I am excited to be working with their teams in both Manchester and Australia.

Michael Bell, CEO of First Graphene, said PureGRAPH’s unique features would help to deliver AMD’s portfolio of high performing, graphene enabled inks and coatings.

Posted: Jun 18,2021 by Roni Peleg