Archer Materials reaches milestone in its disease-detecting graphene-based biochip

Archer Materials has announced a milestone in the development of its biochip, which is being created to detect various deadly communicable diseases.

The company achieved electronic transport in atom-thin graphene integrated with silicon electronics. Various voltage ranges were repeatedly recorded on the integrated devices when current-voltage traces were performed.

The work fundamentally links to using a graphene transistor, which the company intends to use in future operations to enable ultrasensitive detection and analysis of diseases.

The results of the electronic measurements allow to company to progress into building graphene-based transistors, a requirement for the operation of Archer’s biochip technology.

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Mohammad Choucair said it is a milestone step to achieve in the development. Archer has now successfully performed complex post-integration lithography and atom-thick materials’ device processing that preserve graphene’s advanced electronic properties, he said.

The electronic transport measurements performed by the Archer team are the fundamental link with respect to using graphene in transistor technology intended for future biosensing operations in Archer’s biochip devices.

Posted: Mar 31,2022 by Roni Peleg