Archer Materials sets out to create lab-on-chip device

Archer Materials has announced that it has started building its lab-on-chip biosensing device, A1 Biochip, which could potentially be capable of simplifying disease detection. According to Archer, it will be designing and building its own biochip, which means it will no longer need prototyping sensor materials, graphene inks, 2D/3D printing, or circuit boards.

Developing the biochip product will speed up the commercialization of the biochip.

Archer CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair said: "Archer’s A1 Biochip technology aims to simplify disease detection at the point of care to potentially address an emerging multibillion-dollar industry".

Archer has also started building its biochip in the Foundry alongside its CQ quantum computing chip development.

"Archer’s biochip development involves miniaturizing medical lab tests onto an integrated circuit, a single chip, that is only a few millimeters in size," Mohammad said.

Posted: Nov 06,2020 by Roni Peleg