Graphene templates enable creating metal-oxide structures for improved battery electrodes and catalysts

Researchers at Brown University have developed a method of producing ultrathin metal-oxide films with intricate crumple and wrinkle pattern using crumpled graphene sheets as templates. These textured metal-oxide films may be especially beneficial in increasing the efficiency of batteries and photocatalysts.

To introduce wrinkle and crumple structures in graphene, the team compressed the sheets multiple times in multiple orientations, in a process that won't work for metal oxides as they are too stiff and crack if compressed too much. The team, however, developed a method of using the crumpled graphene sheets as templates for making crumpled metal-oxide films and transfered those surface features from the graphene onto the metal oxides.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 09,2016

Fisker unveils new EV with graphene-enhanced battery

Henrik Fisker, who recently announced its new EV project that will sport a graphene-enhanced battery, unveiled what is hoped to be a competitor to Tesla. Called EMotion, the electric sports car will reportedly achieve a 161 mph (259 kmh) top speed and a 400-mile electric range.

While the EMotion is still in its early stages, Fisker already announced several details that suggest the vehicle is not designed for everyday commuting. It was described it as "technology-laden" and said to be expensive. A graphene-based battery will power the electric motor, the result of a partnership between Fisker and California-based Nanotech Energy.

Read the full story Posted: Nov 01,2016