Bedimensional closes a second €10 million investment round

BeDimensional, a spin-off of the Graphene Flagship Partner Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), has announced its second €10 million Series B investment round, which was led by CDP Venture Capital through the Evoluzione fund, with Novacapital - holding company focused on innovative ventures - and Eni Next - the Eni's Corporate Venture Capital company.

Following the entry of shareholder Pellan Italia in 2018, the company will benefit from this new round of financing to strengthen its industrial activity, expand human resources with high-level professionals and leverage the vast networks of new partners to consolidate and accelerate commercial growth.

“The entry of new partners and the trust of experienced investors confirm the validity of our project, which was assisted by Banca Akros (BPM Group) as the company's advisor. This is an important boost: it gives us greater strength to continue to propose innovative solutions for companies that want to innovate their products and processes,” comments Francesco Bonaccorso, co-founder of BeDimensional.

The spin-off is located in Genoa and includes a 4000 m2 workshop area dedicated to the development, production and commercialization of composites, functional paints and lubricants with graphene and related materials. With these new funding, BeDimensional plans to recruit experts in product engineers, business developers and commercial managers.

“With each investment round, BeDimensional is not only fueling its growth, but revolutionizing European industries by harnessing the power of graphene and related materials. Graphene Flagship partners continue to boldly drive innovation and bring new solutions to companies looking to transform their products and processes,” says Kari Hjelt, Head of Innovation of the Graphene Flagship.

Posted: Feb 11,2023 by Roni Peleg