Chinese company develops clothes made of unique graphene fibers

A Chinese company called Shanghai Kyorene New Material Technology has reportedly developed a graphene fiber, that has been used to produce clothes, sports wear and underwear products. One company that states it uses these fibers in actual commercial products is Armor Guys, a U.S-based glove maker.

Chinese graphene textile products image

The technology is said to make graphene completely integrated with high polymer materials under room temperature, and adds special function to ordinary textile products like antibacterial, ultraviolet-proof, anti-static and heat preservation effects.

Vice director of China's National Textile and Apparel Council said the success of this graphene fiber development can help produce new textile materials and enhance China’s competence in the international field.
Posted: Jun 06,2017 by Roni Peleg
Fulvio Frossati (not verified)

A US company produced a new fabric using graphene, cotton and Peltier junctions capable of heating or cooling its wearers. I believe this material can also be produced in China at cheap prices (as often occurs with China products). The U.S company would not reveal how the new fabric is made, but I'm sure you will be able to make it too. Please advise when you succeed doing it so I'll be able to buy it to apply to new products I plan to produce and sell. Best regards and success.

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