CleanGraph announces new clean process for graphene production

CleanGraph, a chemical manufacturing company, has announced that it revealed a new process to transform graphite into graphene.

"Expanded graphite is a layered nanocarbon material, which is produced at industrial scale by oxidative intercalation and high-temperature expansion of natural graphite. CleanGraph is a novel proprietary process to chemically modify graphite into various forms of graphene in a faster, more productive and ecologically friendly way," said the Company's scientific team.

CleanGraph's proprietary method has reportedly been developed over the past 4 years and has been tested with several market leaders in construction and leading universities.

Beyond construction materials, CleanGraph's process also enables it to be used in areas such as heating, battery technology, and as a sorbent, among others. Additionally, the CleanGraph process eliminates waste and reduces the environmental impact of traditional graphene production by 99%.

Posted: Jul 27,2022 by Roni Peleg