Graphene producers

Tokyo Chemical Industry

Tokyo Chemical Industry (TCI) is a global manufacturer and distributor of specialty organic chemicals with facilities in the USA, Europe, Japan, China and India.

TCI offers several nano-carbon materials, including CNTs, fullerenes, nanodiamonds, graphene materials (GNPs) and graphene oxide materials. See more here.


2-DTech logo2-DTech makes and supplies 2D materials, including CVD-made graphene, graphene platelets, graphene oxide and other 2D materials. The company also offers prototyping of graphene based devices.

2D Carbon Tech

2D Carbon Tech logo2D Carbon Tech was established in December 2011 with an aim to develop and produce graphene films. The company is currently offering CVD-produced graphene films on copper, glass, silicon or PET, and also graphene-based touch panels and pressure-sensing films.

2D Carbon Tech's production capacity for graphene films is about 30,000 m2/year.

2D Fab AB

2D Fab AB logo2D Fab was established in 2013 as a spin-off from Mid Sweden University in Sweden. The company produces graphene flakes using graphite from the Swedish Woxna Graphite (owned by the Canadian company Flinders Resources). 2D Fab received venture funding from Miun Venture in 2015.


2DM logoSingapore-based 2DM (2D MATERIALS LTD) was founded in 2015 as a spin-off from The Graphene Research Centre at the National University of Singapore.

2DM produces and markets graphene flakes (GNPs).


Active-Nano logoRussia-based Active-nano, established in in 2008, performs research and development in the field of advanced materials, nanomaterials, mechanical activation, mechanochemistry and mechanical alloying.

AdNano Technologies

AdNano Technology logoAdNano Technologies, based in Karnataka India, produces a range of materials, including several metal oxides.

The company has a production line for graphene flakes, with a yearly capacity of 2 tons per year (which can be scaled-up up to 50 tons/per year). The company also produces Graphene Oxide materials with a yearly capacity of up to 100 Kg.

Advanced Graphene Products

Advanced Graphene Products logoAdvanced Graphene Products - AGP is a company that produces and supplies graphene with a primary focus on the engineering and development of graphene based products. AGP produces graphene by a unique method: growth on a liquid metal matrix.

The company's HSMG (High Strength Metallurgical Graphene) shows very high mechanical strength and durability, with tests showing up to double the tensile strain resistance compared to CVD. The company transfers graphene onto any desired substrate at customers request. Perfect coverage and continuity makes it the best product for industrial and laboratorial use.


Sweden-based Aninkco was established in August 2015 as spin-off from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. The company aims to develop and produce novel conductive inks based on graphene and other 2D materials.

In September 2017 Aninkco, together with KTH and Huawei Technologies Sweden received a $120,000 grant from SiO-Grafen - VINNOVA to develop a 3D printing technique to fabricate graphene-coated heat spreaders.

Applied Graphene Materials

AGM logo imageApplied Graphene Materials (previously Durham Graphene Science) was established in 2010 as a spin-off from Durham University to develop a new graphene synthesis method and produce graphene materials. AGM's technology was a unique patented scalable 'bottom-up' CVD approach to produce graphene. AGM was a public company that listed in the UK's AIM stock exchange (AIM:AGM).

AGM mainly targeted graphene composites, coatings, lubricants, thermal management solutions and energy storage devices. In October 2016 AGM announced its first commercial customer, UK's Century Composites, that will use graphene in a new range of fishing rods, and since then the company announced new products and customers. You can see below for the latest company's news.

Applied Nanolayers

Applied Nanolayers logoApplied Nanolayers (ANL), based in the Netherlands, is a 2D material foundry that produces high quality graphene and other 2D materials using a CVD process. The company offers wafers from 50 mm (2-inch) through to 200 mm (8-inch) diameter.


Avadain company logo imageAvadain is a U.S-based producer of graphene flakes. Avadain’s technology produces graphene flakes at low cost using a patented, ecofriendly process.

Avadain states that it produces large, thin and very few defect flakes, produced in industrial volumes at a reasonable price.


Avanzare logoAvanzare is a supplier of high-performance nanomaterials for a wide range of applications.

The company produces graphene flakes and graphene oxide.


AzTrong logoUS-based AzTrong is a producer of functionalized graphene (GO and rGO) materials in the forms of inks, powders, slurries and films. AzTrong has a 100-ton production facility in Taiwan.

In addition to its graphene supply business, AzTrong developed dispersion and thin-film coating deposition methods to achieve graphene functionalization and composites.

Be Dimensional

Be Dimensional logoBe Dimensional is an Italian early-stage startup, spun off from the IIT scientific research centre.

It is dedicated to the development of new materials for the manufacturing industry by introducing 2-dimensional new crystalline crystals, including graphene. Be Dimensional also provides development and consultation services.


BeeGraphene logoBeeGraphene, established in Poland in 2020, produces high-quality graphene sheets grown on silicon carbide.

The company also offers graphene characterization and instrumentation services.


BLACKLEAF logo imageBLACKLEAF is a France-based company that aims to make graphene affordable and enable the industry to reshape products with a greener and more efficient approach.

The company produces Few Layer Graphene (FLG) based on a proprietary method. BLACKLEAF says its process results in high quality materials that is dispersed in a 98% water-based solution.