Related companies


Accurion logoGermany-based Accurion was established in 2009 as a merger between Halcyonics and Nanofilm Technology. The company develops and supplies high-end Imaging Ellipsometry and Active Vibration Isolation equipment.


AMO GmBH logoAMO is a German-based research service provider for material nanofabrication, with competence in nanofabrication, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and biotechnology.

For the graphene industry, AMO offers CVD graphene materials, graphene device (transistors) fabrication, graphene substrates and more.


Avansa Technology & Services

Avansa logoAVANSA Technology & Services offers analytical testing and consultancy services for industries with emerging nano and micro technology based products. The company also provide wide range of nanotechnology based research services and products.

The company offers direct material sales, and it supplies few-layer graphene, functionalized graphene, reduced graphene oxide and also graphene in solvents.


BASF logoBASF, based in Germany, is one of the world's largest chemical companies - with over 350 production sites worldwide. BASF has been involved with graphene research since 2008 in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute.

Cambridge Graphene

Cambridge Graphene logoCambridge Graphene was established in May 2014 as a spin-off from Cambridge University to commercialize graphene inks based on research work at Cambridge University.

Cambridge Graphene in production method is based on a liquid phase exfoliation technology that turns graphite into graphene in a water-based solution. Cambridge Graphene says its technology is unique as it does not start with Graphene Oxide, which results in superior inks with no chemical contamination.


Das-nano logo image

Spain-based Das-nano produces nanomaterial inspection equipment.

For the graphene industry, Das-Nano offers its Onyx system which can be used to quickly obtain information on the uniformity and homogeneity of graphene materials.


GrafTech logoGrafTech International is a global company with more than 120 years of experience in the carbon and graphite industry. GrafTech makes an expanded natural graphite foil that keeps most of the properties of the Graphene (thermal, electrical, and possibly acoustic) and they manufacture them in flexible sheets from 20um to 1mm thick and in widths up to about 50 inches.


Graphene-Info, established in 2009 in Israel, is a knowledge hub focused on the graphene industry. Graphene-Info offers daily graphene industry and science news, with a readership of tens of thousands of professionals a month and over 24,000 subscribers, in addition to a multitude of services to the graphene market based on extensive and up-to-date market intelligence and close ties with industry leaders.

HEX 6 Industries

HEX 6 logo imageHEX 6 Industries Incorporated is a U.S -based company that was founded to develop and market significant advances in green nanotechnology processes and green nanotechnology materials.


IBM logoIBM (NYSE: IBM) is a multinational technology and consulting corporation based in the US. IBM operates several research labs around the world and they are researching graphene related technologies - mostly graphene based transistors and photo detectors.


IDTechEx logoIDTechEx offers independent market research, business intelligence and advice on emerging technologies.

IDTechEx offers graphene market reports, and also organizes global graphene events.


Intel logoIntel Corporation, based in the US, is the world's largest semiconductor chip maker (based on revenue). The company supplies chips for PCs, mobile devices and more.

Intel is researching graphene to be used in future electronic devices.


Levidian logoBased in the UK and established in 2012 as Cambridge Nanosystems, Levidian uses patented technology to produce high-grade graphene and hydrogen from waste gas (methane).

The company's main product, LOOP, docks into existing infrastructure to strip carbon from gas flow, which could help businesses and national infrastructures to decarbonize.


LG logoLG Corporation, based in South Korea, is a multinational conglomerate corporation that is involved with electronics, displays (LCD, plasma and OLEDs), telecom, chemicals and more.


Metalysis was founded in 2001 by the University of Cambridge and located in South Yorkshire, UK. Metalysis owns the global rights to a platform technology capable of producing a wide range of metals and alloys at a lower cost and with a smaller environmental footprint than traditional processes.


Nanoplexus develops novel material platforms with 2d materials, such as graphene and MXenes. Nanoplexus company logo imageNanoplexus company logo image


Nokia logoNokia, based in Finland is a large multinational corporation and was once the world's leading mobile phone maker. Nokia Research Center, with its 10 laboratories world-wide, is exploring new technologies mostly for mobility applications.