Cheap Tubes' hybrid bucky/graphene paper received favorable test results

American Graphite Technologies (AGT) announced that Cheap Tubes received independent test results for its hybrid bucky/graphene paper formulations and advanced coating technology, and these results confirmed that the materials are conductive, stable and processable on an industrial scale.

Cheap Tubes produced several pre-production quality, highly conductive, flexible and mechanically stable self-supporting membrane samples (made form CNTs and GNPs), refined from mined graphite and other nano components. Cheap Tubes' hybrid paper has a surface area of 116m2/g at 100um thickness, and the company says that it could potentially produce it in sizes up to 36" wide, at speeds up to 50-100 feet of membrane per minute.

Cheap Tubes' advanced nano component composites membranes will provide components for a range of applications such as heat sinks, illumination material for displays, electro static dissipation, & electromagnetic shielding. They are now gearing up towards Thermogravimetric Analysis ("TGA") and thermal conductivity measurements for heat sinks or thermal heat dissipation. Cheap Tubes aims to get the production line setup and preliminary testing completed in the next 2-3 months.

Posted: Jun 27,2013 by Ron Mertens