Directa Plus extends graphene-enhanced clothing partnership with Alfredo Grassi

Directa Plus and clothing group Alfredo Grassi have extended their exclusive relationship to develop graphene-enhanced clothing for up to a further three years. The two companies will focus on the use of graphene to enhance military outerwear as well as work-wear for organizations like the Italian police and fire services.

Directa Plus graphene-enhanced textiles development with Grassi image

Directa Plus and Grassi have already been working together for three years and reportedly produced more than 80,000 meters of fabric enhanced with graphene.

Giulio Cesareo, Directa Plus chief executive, said: "We have a number of active projects that we are already working on in partnership with Grassi, which we hope will result in significantly increased sales of G+ enhanced garments... We are particularly excited about new product development plans for military and professional and work-wear applications.
Posted: May 07,2019 by Roni Peleg