Directa Plus extends supply deal with Grassi for workwear market

Directa Plus has signed an extension to the commercial supply agreement with Alfredo Grassi to include Graphene Plus Thermal Planar Circuit for the workwear market in Italy and France.

The supply agreement will grant Grassi use of Directa's print textile technology for the workwear market in both countries for two years. The agreement is expected to give a significant boost to company's workwear income in 2022.

Directa Plus' Chief Executive, Giulio Cesareo, said: "Grassi has been an important partner of ours for a number of years, and it is clear that both sides see the benefits of continuing to build on our close commercial relationship with each other. The workwear sector continues to be of strategic importance to Directa, and the Supply Agreement with Grassi is another important step forward in building market share and increasing revenues from this segment".

Posted: Aug 05,2022 by Roni Peleg