Directa Plus joins Alfredo Grassi in a project to develop graphene-enhanced clothing

Directa Plus, a producer and supplier of graphene-based products, has teamed up with clothing manufacturer Alfredo Grassi to develop graphene-enhanced clothing, workwear, uniforms and more. This joint development agreement follows a trial of Directa’s graphene by Alfredo to assess the potential benefits of incorporating graphene into their products.

The initial focus under the deal will be on garments with linings printed with Graphene Plus combined with waterproof, breathable textiles. The presence of G+ graphene, which has reportedly been independently certified as non-toxic and non-cytotoxic, produces a technically advanced fabric with unique properties, the company claims.

In particular, it is highly thermally conductive, allowing a homogeneous distribution of the heat produced by the human body in cold temperatures and a heat dispersion effect in hot temperatures. Similarly, it is able to rapidly dissipate antistatic charges. It also has a bacteriostatic effect whereby bacteria do not proliferate on the fabric. As a result, the garments will be ideally suited for activities where the dissipation of antistatic charges and heat management are required or for clinical environments, said Directa Plus.

Alfredo Grassi manufactures and supplies customized technical fabric and garments for military, law enforcement, fire & safety and workwear applications, such as protective, waterproof and high visibility garments and uniforms. Headquartered in Italy, the company has production and commercial facilities spread across Europe and North Africa.

This is not Directa's first project invloving textiles; In February 2017 the company teamed up with Eurojersey, an Italian producer of technical fabrics under its Sensitive Fabrics brand, to produce a range of fabrics containing the company’s graphene-based products. It has also been allocated a €1 million grant from the European Regional Development Fund for a research project to develop graphene-based smart fabrics.

Posted: Jun 22,2017 by Roni Peleg