Directa Plus signs agreements with NexTech Batteries for lithium sulphur batteries

Directa Plus progressed its partnership with U.S-based Lithium Sulphur batteries company NexTech Batteries by signing a 3-year Supply and Strategic R&D agreement for developing next-generation batteries for green mobility, grid storage, aviation and consumer products.

The Supply Agreement, based on a worldwide bilateral exclusivity in the lithium battery field, has an initial duration of three years, with an option to be extended for two years longer. The R&D Agreement, also with a duration of three years, provides for Joint Lab activities with the intention of developing new specific grades of G+ graphene nanoplatelets. Both parties will dedicate selected scientists from their R&D teams and part of their respective facilities to the enterprise.

Directa Plus said these agreements follow on from the memorandum of understanding signed with NexTech in October.

Directa Plus said it will supply NexTech with 300 kilos of nanoplatelets in 2021, with future quantities to be agreed at the end of each year and based on NexTech's anticipated growth.

NexTech is currently initiating strategic customers and third party sampling and validation so it can deploy batteries in mule vehicles and real-world systems towards the end of 2021.

We both believe that lithium-sulphur batteries have the potential to become deployed worldwide in multiple applications as we transition to net zero, said Directa Plus chief executive Giulio Cesareo.

NexTech’s pouch cell technology is said to be market-ready and competitive: Li-S batteries have more than doubled Li-ion batteries' density, lifetime, price and safety. Batteries using waste sulphur instead of cobalt represent a more environmentally sustainable choice in line with Directa Plus core values.

Posted: Feb 22,2021 by Roni Peleg