Directa Plus signs collaboration agreement with Italdesign for graphene-enhanced automotive parts

Directa Plus recently signed a technical and commercial agreement with automotive design and engineering firm Italdesign.

The partnership has been signed for an initial nine years to explore, test, and build automotive components that are enhanced by properties of the company's proprietary graphene technology. Applications could include car interiors, paints, and mechanical components.

In July 2020, Directa Plus started selling its G+ graphene-enhanced facemasks, Co-mask. In April 2020, Directa Plus reported a deal to supply a special grade of its G+ graphene product, known as ITC1, to its partner, Iterchimica. The G+ product is the differentiating component of Gipave, an asphalt super-modifier developed by Directa Plus and Iterchimica.
Posted: Aug 05,2020 by Roni Peleg