Graphene Leaders Canada logo (2017)GLC Medical (GLCM), a subsidiary of Graphene Leaders Canada (GLC), recently announced completion of development of the GLCM SARS-CoV-2 Insta-Test, delivering results in under 15 seconds, offering fast and easy to use solution to screen for COVID-19.

The Company stated that it sees potential for this new graphene-based biosensor to enable the world to regain a sense of freedom and bring “normal” back into its future.

Donna Mandau, President & CEO, said: “Insta-Testing is essential to quickly identify and manage regions with high infection rates. The more testing we are able to do, the more confidence we will have in the safety of our environments. Today, as we hear ongoing news about a potential third wave, and new variants creating even more challenges for the world, we are pleased to offer our innovative and revolutionary Insta-Test, an urgently needed solution to help us cope with this global pandemic. The successful completion of this development introduces an effective platform for future testing solutions as GLCM’s graphene is tailorable and offers a rapid solution to emerging and future strains of SARS and other viral diseases. We look forward to sharing more information in the coming weeks as we enter clinical trials and plan for market deployment.”

The GLCM SARS-CoV-2 Insta-Test is a saliva test, eliminating the nasopharyngeal swab and all certified practitioner oversight requirements. It does not require expensive equipment or a lab to process results. GLCM’s in-vitro diagnostic device produces a signal when exposed to COVID-19 viral antigens and directly detects the virus in under 15 seconds. This Insta-Test is an “at the door” technology, suitable for situations that require immediate and reliable results managing large groups of people.

A world-renowned institute of virology has reportedly provided validation of the efficacy of the GLCM Insta-Test via pre-clinical assessments. The device will soon enter clinical human trials and using the sensitivity and specificity data that will be generated from these trials along with very detailed laboratory validation, GLCM is working to prepare the necessary regulatory, safety, and manufacturing data for submission to Health Canada, United States' FDA EUA and WHO.