GMG announces in-house battery pilot plant investment

Graphene Manufacturing Group (GMG) has announced that it is procuring equipment for a pilot production and testing plant for the manufacture of its Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries.

Following recently published performance results and encouraging customer feedback, production of a commercial prototype coin cell battery is targeted before the end of 2021. This pilot production and testing plant is an important next step in the Company’s battery technology development plan.

The Company is also reportedly evaluating the purchase of additional equipment to enable the manufacturing of Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries in a pouch cell format.

GMG’s Managing Director and CEO, Craig Nicol, commented: GMG believes that its ability to manufacture Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries in-house allows us to directly control the production of coin and potentially pouch cell batteries for early customer testing and likely speed up the development and commercialization of this exciting battery technology. The necessary equipment for our pilot production and testing plant is also readily available and the Company believes that it is cost effective as it’s the same standard equipment used for the manufacture of existing coin cell format batteries.

We have received a large number of inquiries about our promising battery technology from across the world and we look forward to working with potential customers to meet demand for next generation rechargeable battery technology. We continue to work closely with the University of Queensland to develop a commercial coin cell prototype by the end of 2021 and a pouch cell commercial prototype by the end of 2022. Having our own battery manufacturing capability provides the Company with an opportunity to accelerate the development timeline of the commercial production plant. Craig Nicol said.

The Company believes that its performance testing results of early prototypes have shown very encouraging power and energy density results and that batteries are retaining full performance after more than 3000 charge and discharge cycles. Furthermore, the Company believes that such results show that the Graphene Aluminum-Ion Batteries are almost fully recyclable, have an extremely low fire risk and do not use lithium nor any rare earth metals.

Posted: Jul 15,2021 by Roni Peleg