Grafoid and ProScan Rx Pharma to co-develop graphene-based cancer thermal treatment platform

Grafoid and ProScan Rx Pharma announced a new joint-venture partnership to develop MesoGraf graphene-based nanotechnology platform for the precise targeting and thermal eradication of solid cancer tumors. This new platform aims to overcome the side effects and strong limitations of common cancer therapies.

The two companies established a new company called Calevia. Grafoid invested in Calevia and will co-manage the company. The new company will first target prostate cancer using ProScan’s anti-PSMA antibody. The new company will use a partially edge-functionalized MesoGraf derivative called MesoGraf Xide. This nanomaterial instantly transforms near infrared (NIR) light into heat.

A couple of months ago Grafoid completed a new funding round from private investors, raising just over $3.5 million USD. Since the beginning of 2013 the company raised over $5 million. Grafoid is building MesoGraf production facilities. Grafoid collaborates with the National University of Singapore (NUS) and their new spin-off company Graphite Zero on the production, development and marketing of this material which is based on Focus Graphite's high quality graphite.

Posted: Sep 07,2013 by Ron Mertens