The Graphene-Info team would like to wish all its readers a prosperous new year, one of commercial scale success! As Confucious dictates: one must "Study the past if you would define the future.” So in this retrospective mood, here are 2014's top 10 graphene applications, ranked by the number of posts written about them. 

  1.  Batteries
  2.  Sensors
  3.  Supercapacitors
  4.  3D printing
  5.  Electronics
  6.  Composites
  7.  Solar
  8.  Medicine
  9.  Photonics
  10.  Heat conduction

Batteries rank unsurpirisingly at the top, as there is a considerable amount of interest and developments in this field. Recent major battery stories include Tesla's speculated use of graphene-enhanced batteries in their Roadster 3.0 and Graphenano's revolutionary graphene polymer batteries for electric cars.

Sensors' arrival at the second place is somewhat puzzling, as there are more advanced topics in terms of commercialization like composites and 3D printing. Then again, who are we to argue with our own results?