Graphene Nanochem signs a partnership agreement with HWV to develop a graphene-enhanced water treatment system

Graphene Nanochem PLC, the performance chemicals and advanced materials company that is malaysian based and traded in the AIM of the London Stock Exchange, has recently entered into an agreement with the Singapore-based HWV which designs, develops and builds water treatment systems.

The two companies agreed to collaborate in order to design and commercialize the PlatClean V1 System, a graphene-enhanced water treatment system for the oil and gas industry. 

The PlatClean V1 system is meant to be a skid mounted modular water treatment system that will provide a complete solution for handling segregated and combined waste streams. Graphene will be used in a patent-pending membrane system that will enable a twofold improvement compared to conventional systems and make it cost-effective and with a smaller footprint.   

In November 2013, Graphene Nanochem signed an agreement with Malaysia's Scomi Oiltools to exclusively market a range of formulated graphene-enhanced PlatDrill series to the oilfield chemicals maraket.  In September 2014 Graphene Nanochem signed a licensing and offtake agreement for the entire production of PlatDrill under the Scomi-Platinum joint venture, and Scomi Oiltools agreed to buy the whole production of PlatDrill over five years, estimated at 135,000 tonnes. 

Posted: Nov 10,2014 by Roni Peleg