Hands-on review: Grahope's graphene eye mask

Grahope New Materials (GNM), China-based developer of graphene applications with a special focus on heating applications, has commercialized and is selling several types of graphene-based products, ranging from home textiles and clothes to therapeutic products.

GNM has kindly sent Graphene-Info a pair of "Graphene Physical Therapy Eye Mask" for review. The Company states on its website that the mask "effectively soothes the eyes and alleviates eye fatigue", by heating rapidly and generating "far infra-red waves that are similar to the human body's".


The mask came neatly packaged in a sleek black box engraved with silver letters and logo. The mask itself is lightweight, made of a soft, pleasant fabric and feels rather good when placed on the eyes. It blocks light quite perfectly, and really does heat up fast. As an initial assessment, the whole product has a nice, quality feel to it.

Grahope eye mask image

It is rather hard to know precisely if the mask actually alleviates fatigue or did what it promised, but as a long-time sufferer of migraines, I had the not-so-rare opportunity to test it during a migraine attack. I was amazed to find out how much it helped. The darkness it provided, along with the gentle heating effect, did an amazing job helping with the headache, which not much else has done so far. While not officially sold for migraines, my personal experience with it was stellar. Note of course that we cannot recommend this device for any medical use.

Eye mask in action image

The graphene mask has three possible heat levels and automatically turns off after one hour of use - and is thus safe to wear as a sleep mask.

Posted: Nov 08,2018 by Roni Peleg