Hazer Group enters agreements to accelerate development of graphene production technology

Hazer Group, an early stage development company, has announced a new agreement with the University of Western Australia (UWA) to develop Hazer technology for production of graphene. The project will focus on further tailoring of the Hazer Process reaction (a hydrogen and graphite production process) to improve the yield and quality of graphene produced.

Under the agreement, Hazer will fund the development work which will see the University provide a full time researcher to work with the company. Hazer's Managing Director stated that the company will own all intellectual property developed through the collaboration and all the intellectual property associated with the Hazer Process royalty. The collaboration work with UWA will aim to enable Hazer to undertake further work on developing the Hazer Process into a commercial route to produce graphene.

Hazer also announced an agreement with South African chemical engineering group Kemplant, who will assist the company with its current scale up development and with the design of an initial demonstration plant to showcase the Hazer technology.

The company said that the demonstration plant – which is expected to be constructed and commissioned following the completion of development work currently underway at the University of Sydney – was a key aspect of the commercialization of the Hazer Process to a scalable & implementable industrial technology.

Posted: Mar 21,2016 by Roni Peleg