HydroGraph announces technology milestone for cost-effective modular commercial-scale unit for graphene production

HydroGraph Clean Power has announced that its patented Hyperion System, designed for scaled-up production of high-purity graphene, achieved a key technology milestone to produce commercial scale quantities graphene. 

The Hyperion System will produce fractal graphene to serve various markets including lubricants, energy storage, resins, specialty chemicals, coatings and other markets. The validation process reportedly confirmed the capex cost per metric ton of graphene produced will be one of the lowest in the industry. The system can produce over 10 metric tons per year using readily available commodity acetylene and oxygen.


“A year ago, we challenged ourselves to design and construct a commercial scale graphene production unit at the lowest capital cost in the world. In a year, we have gone from a rudimentary proof-of-concept unit to this powerful production system,” said Stephen Corkill, VP of Operations. “With the advancement of this unit, I am proud to say the Hydrograph team has exceeded both cost and production expectations, further positioning HydroGraph as the leader in production of high purity graphene.”

The 2x2 meter modular system is comprised of mostly off-the-shelf components with no major rotating equipment allowing for easy deployment, operating on customer location by integrating into a production line or engineered with additional "reactive graphene" functionalization for increased product performance. The compact footprint also provides environmental benefits through minimal energy usage and low operating costs with one operator able to run multiple systems.

HydroGraph stated that it aims to open regional production facilities serving targeted customer locations in 2024. All facilities and production units will be owned by HydroGraph with graphene being sold to customers under long-term contracts. This will allow graphene produced to be engineered to customer volume and specification. Construction lead time for additional units is currently expected to be between 3 and 4 months.

HydroGraph is currently investigating over 20 different graphene applications with over 40 potential customers including 15 testing/NDA agreements already in place.

HydroGraph has also announced the closing of the second tranche of its non-brokered private placement. Under the Second Tranche, the Company has issued 850,000 units for gross proceeds of CAD$102,000 (over USD$75,000). This follows the closing of the first tranche, announced in April, 2023.

Posted: May 04,2023 by Roni Peleg