Integrated Graphene launches 3D graphene foam and raises almost USD$4 million

Integrated Graphene logo image Integrated Graphene (formerly known as RD Graphene), developers of hyper-sensitive 3D graphene foam electrodes, have set their aims on the human diagnostics market and are aiming to enable better biosensors with improved performance and speed. The company has launched its flagship 3D graphene foam process in their first product, Gii-Sens.

The company launched its first product in conjunction with its new Integrated Graphene brand, in hopes that these steps will mark the first steps on an ambitious commercial journey to establish themselves as a leading producer of pure 3D graphene foam. In addition, the Company led a funding round in which it has raised £3.1 million (almost USD$4 million). This latest investment round follows £300,000 in seed funding from six private investors in March 2019, plus a variety of grant funding totaling £1.8m raised since 2014.

One of the company's co-founders, Dr. Marco Caffio, said: "For several years now, people have been chasing the perfect single layer, but 2D graphene offers only a limited surface area and is currently restricted to small-scale production. Because our 3D Graphene Foam can be grown directly on to any substrate, at scale, it opens many more possibilities for using graphene. Areas, where we have recently noticed a particularly high interest in our 3D Graphene Foam, include sensing technologies and energy systems, but almost any industry could take its products to the next level by incorporating graphene. Taking this first product to market will pave the way for other applications to follow when our partners start to see significant improvements in performance graphene enables."

In addition to biosensing solutions, Integrated Graphene also identifies supercapacitors as its next target market.

Posted: Nov 05,2020 by Roni Peleg