Log 9 Materials, an IIT Roorkee spin-off that focuses on graphene material production and application development, has recently exhibited a car named Ranger that runs on air and water at India-UK Future Tech event in India.

Log 9 Materials displays a car that can run on water and air, thanks to a graphene-enhanced battery image

Log 9 Materials has reportedly developed a metal-air battery made up of aluminium and water, which will make the eclectic vehicles reduce the burden of charging and petrol prices. The graphene-enhanced battery would only require the users to change aluminium from the battery after every 1000kms.

The Metal-air Battery by Log 9 Materials is said to be powered by water, air and metal. This battery is a primary energy generation technology quite similar to a fuel cell. Log 9 is using Graphene to make the batteries commercially viable and economical. If one takes the example of an EV, the car has a range of 100-150 kms after which it has to be charged, which in itself takes up to 5-6 hours. Whereas this battery technology has 10x more energy density which will provide a range of more than 1000 km, after which the metal can be replaced within minutes. The energy generated is completely clean, zero emission and this is a truly environmentally friendly battery technology built with sustainable raw materials. The metal itself is recyclable once it has been used in the battery to generate energy.

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