MicroDrop technologies is testing graphene for nano printing and 3D printing

Germany-based Microdrop Technologies (a private provider of equipment, software and services for advanced precision microdispensing and inkjet printing applications) reports that they tested graphene for for applications in micro printing, 3D printing and other related applications - and it exhibited excellent quality and characteristics.

The company will now start advanced tests for applications such as conductive inks, biochips, biomedicine and nanocoatings. Microdrop used graphene supplied by Australia-based miner company Talga Resources. This is Talga's first graphene sale.

Talga's graphene was produced during metallurgical testing on existing drillcores from Nunasvaara (Sweden), part of a consignment of several tonnes of drill samples from 2012. Talga distributed a minor portion of their graphene to potential customers in Europe - and one of them is Microdrop. Talga currently can make small lab-scale graphene production. The company aims to start a pilot plant in Sweden, and start larger sample size from mid-2015 and afterwards perhaps full-scale production.

Posted: Jul 24,2014 by Ron Mertens