Mito Materials Solutions' graphene technology used in new fishing rods by St. Croix Fly

Mito Material Solutions' graphene technology has reportedly been used in fishing rods by St. Croix Fly, a U.S-based company that develops and manufactures fly fishing rods. The new graphene-enhanced line includes Evo and its saltwater-equivalent, Evo Salt, two new premium fly rod designs.

St. Croix’s rods are constructed from SCIII+. Exclusive to the company, SCIII+ is a hybrid carbon fiber material combining high modulus high-strain SCIII carbon fiber and super high modulus SCVI exotic carbon fiber. By itself, SCIII+ carbon fiber is said to produce lighter, more sensitive and better-balanced rods without sacrificing strength or durability. Unlike other fly rods built with pre-applied graphene integrated into carbon fiber prepreg, Evos and Evos Salt are powered by Mito’s functionalized graphene, which is applied in-house at St. Croix at total weight-loading accuracies within 0.01%, delivering radical hoop strength, optimized loop stability and complete accuracy. The process also fits within St. Croix’s vertical-control philosophy, affords extreme consistency and ultimately delivers anglers with more of the benefits graphene can provide — namely faster recovery, increased torsional rigidity and improved strength-to-weight ratios.


In April 2023, Mito Material Solutions announced its first ready-to-pour graphene product. In partnership with industrial coatings manufacturer Forrest Technical Coatings, Mito harnessed its patented technology platform for the production of functionalized graphene into ready-to-pour hybrid additives with chemical and physical bonding points.

Back in 2015, G-RODS (an American fishing rod company) unveiled its graphene-enhanced fishing rods line

In 2016, Applied Graphene Materials announced that it supplied its graphene material for use in the production of a range of fishing rods, made by UK's Century Composites. Century unveiled a new range of fishing rods containing the AGM's GNPs, sold under the brand Graphex.

Posted: Oct 15,2023 by Roni Peleg