Monolayer graphene used to make flexible batteries with highest power and energy densities

New research done by Nokia shows that mechanically flexible all-solid state batteries can be made from monolayer graphene (provided by Graphenea and grown by CVD directly onto copper foil). The total thickness of the resulting battery was about 50 micrometer. The complete structure is a cathode graphene (on copper foil), polymer electrolyte, and anode lithium foil

The researchers report that the ultrathin battery showed the highest energy density of 10 W h L-1 and the highest power density of 300 W L-1. It also shows excellent cyclic stability and sustains a discharge current density of 100 microA cm-2 over 100 cycles, maintaining energy capacity over 0.02 mA h cm-2.

Posted: Feb 25,2013 by Ron Mertens