NanoXplore logoNanoXplore recently shared updates on its new graphene production facility in Quebec, currently housed within an existing 70,000 square foot building. The Company said that all major equipment has been delivered and secured in their physical location within the facility. Mechanical and electrical connections of the equipment are ongoing and are expected to be completed by early February.

Hydro-Québec has provided all power requirements for the commercial production of the 4,000 metric tons/year capability graphene production facility. The new graphene facility will be a fully automated production plant that will enable a connected and flexible manufacturing system. The facility will also become NanoXplore’s new Corporate Headquarters.

The Corporation previously announced that the new graphene facility layout has been fully optimized. This optimization will allow NanoXplore to build its 4,000 metric tons/year of graphene production line in a much smaller footprint than originally designed. This will enable the Corporation to use the remaining space for other purposes, such as warehousing, compounding and mixing, and the addition of another graphene production line.

NanoXplore also stated that its main focus is to replace current carbon-based additives within the thermoset and thermoplastic market by offering standardized products and solutions in powder and masterbatch formats. Focus of the Corporation’s efforts will now shift to obtaining purchase orders for its graphene products within the next six months. NanoXplore continues to engage with large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and potential partners within various industries, such as industrial products, automotive, wires and cables, pipe, packaging, and sporting goods, to provide a more-enhanced solution to that of traditional additives.