NanoXplore's 3-ton GNP production facility now fully operational

Canada-based Group NanoXplore announced that its new graphene production facility is in full operation. The new plant can produce up to 3 tonnes of graphene GNPs per year, the largest production capacity in Canada and the fifth largest in the world outside of China.

NanoXplore says that their unique process "gently and efficiently" creates pristine graphene from natural flake graphite without creating the crystalline defects that can limit performance. The company's process also functionalises the graphene material during production making subsequent mixing with a broad range of industrial materials simple and efficient. The company makes several standard grades of graphene and also derivative products such as a unique graphite-graphene composite suitable for anodes in Li-ion batteries.

Earlier this month, NanoXplore announced that it finalized an agreement to raise $2.18 million dollar from several Canadian individuals. NanoXplore has seen a strong interest in their products over the last year, especially for applications in smart textiles and Li-ion batteries, as well as lubricants, paints, and polymers.

Posted: Feb 20,2015 by Ron Mertens