New graphene product targets audio interconnects

The audio field has been experiencing a major graphene boom recently. In addition to various existing headphones and earbuds, a graphene contact enhancer is now on the market. A new-Zealand based company called Mad Scientist Audio is selling its Graphene Contact Enhancer (GCE) that can be used on any metal-to-metal contacts, such as RCA plugs and sockets, loudspeaker leads, fuses, and so on.

Graphene Contact Enhancer product image

The product is said to 'fill in the gaps' and give a profound improvement in system performance when applied to the important contacts in a system (e.g interconnects, speaker leads, power cords, fuses, tube pins, etc). It reportedly does not suffer from the problems that silver-based products do, namely oxidation and ability to cause short circuits.


The company explains that the Graphene Contact Enhancer has the consistency of thick oil; Graphene is suspended in a synthetic oil-like base, with additional ingredients that have anti-oxidant and cleaning properties. It uses selected types of USA-made Graphene.

The GCE is available in a 2ml tube and a 5ml or 10ml bottle. prices range between $25-$79

Posted: Jan 15,2018 by Roni Peleg