Ghostek launches the world's first headphones with graphene drivers

Ghostek announced a new graphene-based headphones, the Rapture Wireless Headphones. Ghostek says that the Rapture uses 40 mm graphene drivers to deliver a "Next-Level HD Audio Experience". Other features include Bluetooth 4.1+EDR, aptX Audio Technology, soft protein leather ear cups, a 3.5mm audio jack input, built-in HD microphone and a LED battery status.

Ghostek Rapture photo

Ghostek's Rapture Wireless Headphones will ship on January 22 for $125. You can pre-order it now on

In the past year or so we have seen many graphene-based earphones released to the market - but as far as I know this is the first headphones to use graphene. Graphene-driver earphones on the market include China-based FiiO Electronics FiiO F3, Zolo's Liberty wireless earphones, CKCOM's wireless earbuds and Xiaomi's latest Piston 3 Pro earphones. In June 2017 ORA launched a highly successful crowdfunding campaign for its headphones. based on its own graphene oxide based driver

Graphene-enhanced audio seems to be gaining real traction, and besides the products on the market there are some interesting R&D products related to graphene audio. In November 2016 Israeli audio pioneer Waves Audio announced a new project to develop an innovative electrostatic speaker using a nanoscale active membrane based on graphene. Researchers recently developed a new 3D graphene sponge based speaker that is driven by a light signal - and without electricity. in 2016 researchers from Korea's KAIST demonstrated a graphene oxide thermoacoustic speaker design (this one does use electricity). Even Apple is seemingly interested in graphene speakers.

One of the earlier initiatives in this area was presented in 2011 when researchers from Seoul's National University developed a transparent and lightweight speaker made from Graphene. In 2013 researchers demonstrated that a graphene-based speaker can outperform even the best commercially-available earphones.

Posted: Jan 01,2018 by Ron Mertens
Erick (not verified)

The correct info your looking for is:

ORA: The World's First Graphene Headphones

Started back in May of 2016 with the McGill and Northwestern patents. The first shipments of this new technology is expected in March of 2018 but they have a 2 month buffer zone. They are currently in the mass production phase.…

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Ghostek=fake graphene!

@Richard, you've been fooled. Unlike Ora, no science behind their marketing claims!

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