Saint Jean Carbon produces single layer graphene

Saint Jean Carbon, a carbon science company engaged in the exploration of natural graphite properties and related carbon products, has announced that it has produced two samples of single layer graphene (1) dispersion 20 mL, 0.1%, with pure 100 mL water and (2) a 50 mg of powder.

The material is said to have been produced without any chemicals or any mechanical systems that would harm the high order of carbon structure and wettability. The material has been sent to National Research Council and will be used to help set the national standard for graphene production and quality.

SJC's CEO stated: "We are very pleased to have both the material of such high quality and the know how to produce one atom thick graphene with zero impurities and be the most conductive and strongest material in the world. This milestone takes us another step forward as we continue to develop faster and more efficient systems to produce the material. More and more research into graphene in lithium-ion batteries continues to make real progress around the world, the better we understand the needs, the better prepared we will be in the future."

The Company plans on producing more graphene from the samples from the recent summer fieldwork. The Company is still waiting on the lab results of the summer work project (see press release dated, September 2016) and hopes to issue the results shortly.

In September 2016, SJC teamed up with the University of Western Ontario to create graphene that has a magnetic field (Magnetoresistance). In July 2016, the company announced that it has been invited by the National Research Council (NRC) of Canada to take part in a special interest group that will develop and propose standards for graphene made by exfoliation methods from natural graphite.

Posted: Oct 12,2016 by Roni Peleg