Samsung backs promising graphene-based micro antenna research

Researchers from Spain's UPC and Georgia Tech have been granted $120,000 from Samsung to develop graphene based micrometer-scale highs-peed short-distance antennas. This project (called Graphene-Enabled Wireless Communication, or GEWC). These antennas could radiate electromagnetic waves in the terahertz band and would allow for high-speed information transmission. These antennas will be a thousand times smaller than what can be made with current technology.

The first application will probably be high-speed communication inside a single device - for example between the CPU and the memory, or between cores in multi-core processors. In fact the researchers say that this technology could lead to processor with thousands of "sub processors".

The group is already at work at analyzing the behavior of electromagnetic waves in the terahertz band for very short distances, investigating how to adapt coding and modulation schemes for these kinds of low-power antennas. 

Posted: Feb 26,2013 by Ron Mertens