STANDARD GRAPHENE implements water filtration system in Nepal

STANDARD GRAPHENE, a flake graphene producer headquartered in South Korea, recently announced the establishment of a water filtration plant at Lumbini, Nepal.

The water filtration plant reportedly uses a material called Super Graphite that has been developed from graphene manufacture technologies. The plant cleans the water through four filtration cycles, processing more than 1,000L of drinkable water per day. After multiple international tests, Super Graphite has reportedly been recognized to have a superior attraction to toxic materials and better filtration rates than conventional materials used for water filtration.

The 10th Human School, where the water filtration system was constructed, educates about 700 students and has been in need of an efficient and safe drinkable water solution. This program built a combination of groundwater pumps, water tanks, and filtration systems, providing students with easy access to clean and safe drinkable water.

JoungHoon Lee, CEO of STANDARD GRAPHENE, mentioned that "It took us a long time to get to where we are today. I had a dream once where every one of you was here today. My dream was to create a material that could provide clean water to places that needed it most. Today, I'm seeing that dream come true. I hope you will also see your dreams come true by growing up healthy by drinking clean water."

The system is considered to be the world's first mass scale filtration system developed by graphene technology. STANDARD GRAPHENE plans to provide graphene water filters to areas in need of water. STANDARD GRAPHENE has been building partnerships with governments, companies, and NGOs with water-lacking countries in North America, South America, Africa, and Asia. STANDARD GRAPHENE is also developing graphene technologies for oil mining, livestock farming, and wastewater treatment.

Posted: Aug 09,2019 by Roni Peleg