Strem Chemicals to make stacked Graphene nanofibers (SGNF) for Catalyx Nanotech

Strem Chemicals will make stacked Graphene Nanofibers for Catalyx Nanotech.

Stacked Graphene Platelet Nanofibers are grown via a patented process that decomposes carbon containing gases in the presence of metal catalyst particles. The structure of the stacked graphene platelet nano fibers consists of graphene sheets oriented perpendicular to the growth axis like a stack of cards, spaced 0.34nm apart.

Catalyx Nanotech Inc. is a spin off from the technology incubator, Catalyx, Inc., and was formed with the vision of using renewable resources to produce high quality nanomaterials. By utilizing cost-effective and patented catalysis technologies, Catalyx Nanotech is able to produce its unique Stacked Graphene Platelet Nanofibers from methane, which is produced naturally from decaying organic material in garbage at landfills. These nanofibers have been proven to deliver exceptional performance in a wide variety of applications.

Posted: Jul 15,2009 by Ron Mertens