Talga Resources to construct a graphene pilot line in Germany

Talga Resources announced its plan to construct a graphene demonstration plant in central Germany. The plant is to produce between 100 t/y and 200 t/y of graphene, with feedstock sourced from Talga’s Swedish projects. 

Talga says that the decision to proceed with a demonstration plant followed Talga’s success in moving its high-grade Swedish graphite ores from laboratory to bench top scale and replicating graphene process results in multiple countries with several parties. According to the company, the next stage of development will expand to a locked-cycle demonstration scale plant able to produce meaningful quantities of graphene and graphite for larger customer samples and material graphene sales in 2015. 

It seems the new plant has the potential to be one of the largest graphene production facilities in Europe. 

Posted: Mar 04,2015 by Roni Peleg